Revelation, April 1830–D [D&C 23:5]

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21st AD 1830
A Commandment to given to at Ontario County State of New York
Behold I speak a few words unto you f unto you for thou art under no condemnation & thy calling also is to Exhortation & to strengthen the Church & this is thy duty from henceforth & forever amen [p. 30]


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    John Whitmer probably created this heading when he copied the text into Revelation Book 1. At the time this revelation was dictated, Joseph Smith Sr. and JS were likely at the Hyrum Smith residence in Palmyra. If this is the case, the revelation originated in Palmyra, not in Manchester.  

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    TEXT: After reaching the end of the line at “speak a few words”, John Whitmer mistakenly inscribed “unto you Joseph” at the beginning of the same line, in the space created by the paragraph indention. He then canceled the three words and continued the inscription on the next line.  

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    Compare Revelations, Apr. 1830–B, C, E [D&C 23:3–4, 6–7].