Revelation, circa 22 December 1841–B

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And the word of the Lord came say verily thus Saith the Lord. Let my Serv[a]nt take a mission. To the Eastern Continent. unto all the that are now sitting in that region & let him carry a package of Epistles, that shall be writtn by my Servants the , making known unto them th[e]ir duties concer[n]ing the buidig [building] of my houses which I have appoi[n]ted unto you saith the Lord. that they may bri[n]g their Go[ld] & their Si[lver] & their precious Stones. & the box tree & th[e] Fir tree. & all fine wood. & beautify the place of [m]y sanctuary saith the Lord. & let him return with all means speedily which shall be put into his hands even so Amen. [p. [1]]


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    The Quorum of the Twelve’s lengthy letter, directed to the church’s “various Branches and Conferences in Europe,” introduced Snider as an agent for the church, citing for authority the 22 December revelation as recorded in the Book of the Law of the Lord and quoting it in full. The letter was also published in the 1 April 1842 issue of the church’s Nauvoo newspaper, Times and Seasons. (Brigham Young et al., “An Epistle of the Twelve,” Times and Seasons, 1 Apr. 1842, 3:735–738.)  

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    TEXT: “[page torn]y”. Missing character supplied from context.  

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    See Revelation, 19 Jan. 1841 [D&C 124:26]; and Isaiah 60:9, 13.  

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    The Quorum of the Twelve’s letter recommended a program for helping Saints emigrate from Europe. Church members would submit donations of cotton, linen, hardware, cutlery—“even all the varieties of Goods which might be useful in this country”—to the church, via Snider, in exchange for property and goods in and around Nauvoo. (Brigham Young et al., “An Epistle of the Twelve,” Times and Seasons, 1 Apr. 1842, 3:737.)  

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    On 23 January 1843 Snider returned to Nauvoo from his ten-month mission. He brought donations for the temple from church members in England, Ireland, and Scotland totaling £201 14s. 1½d., which temple recorder William Clayton calculated to be equivalent to $976.25. (JS, Journal, 23 Jan. 1843; Book of the Law of the Lord, 319–325.)