Revelation, February 1831–B [D&C 44]

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46th Febu. 1831
A Revelation to Joseph & Receivd at Geauga Ohio a call to the of this Church &c &c
Blehold thus saith the Lord unto you my Servents it is expedient in me that the Elders of my Church should be called to gether from the East & from the West & from the North & from the South by letter or some other way & it shall come to pass that I will pour out my Spirit upon them in the day that they assemble themselves together & it shall come to pass that they shall go forth unto the regions round about & preach repentance unto this People & many shall be converted insomuch that ye shall obtain power to organize yourselves according to the laws of man that your enemies may be under your feet in all things that ye may be enabled to keep my laws that evry band may be broken wherewith the enemy seeketh to destroy my People Behold I say unto [p. 70] you that ye must visit the poor & the needy & administer to their releaf that they may be kept untill all things may be done according to my law which ye have receivd amen [p. 71]


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    John Whitmer likely created this heading when he copied the text into Revelation Book 1.  

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    Ohio’s 1819 Act for the Incorporation of Religious Societies required that “not less than twenty members” meet to elect officers and that they have their new organization legally recorded by the county clerk. Once a religious society became “a body corporate in law,” it could hold “in fee-simple . . . any tract or tracts of land on which to erect such buildings as may be necessary for their religious worship.” No evidence has been found that the church complied with this law. (An Act for the Incorporation of Religious Societies [5 Feb. 1819], Statutes of Ohio, vol. 2, chap. 452, p. 1066, secs. 1–3.)  

    The Statutes of Ohio and of the Northwestern Territory, Adopted or Enacted from 1788 to 1833 Inclusive: Together with the Ordinance of 1787; the Constitutions of Ohio and of the United States, and Various Public Instruments and Acts of Congress: Illustrated by a Preliminary Sketch of the History of Ohio; Numerous References and Notes, and Copious Indexes. 3 vols. Edited by Salmon P. Chase. Cincinnati: Corey and Fairbank, 1833–1835.

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    See 1 Corinthians 15:25.  

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    TEXT: Or “bond”.  

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    Part of the recently revealed “law” of the church called for the donation and redistribution, or “consecration,” of members’ property so “that every man may receive according as he stands in need.” (Revelation, 9 Feb. 1831 [D&C 42:33].)