Revelation, October 1830–B [D&C 33]

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35 & 36th Commands AD 1830
A Commandment to & th[e]ir call to the ministery &c given at Seneca County State of New York
Saying I say unto you & open ye your ears & hearken to the voice of the Lord your God whose word is quick & powerfull sharper than a twoedged sword to the dividing asunder of the Joints & marrow Soul & spirit & is a decerner of the thoughts & intents of the heart for Verily Verily I say unto you that ye are called to lift up voices as with the sound of a Trump to declare my Gospel unto a Crooked & a perverse generation for Behold the field is white already to harvest & it is the Elvenenth hour & for the last time that I shall call labouerers into my vineyard & my vineyard has become corrupted evry whit & there is none that doeth good save it is a few only <​& they do err in many instances because of ​> all having corrupt minds & Verily Verily I say unto you that this have I established & called forth out of the Wilderness & even so will I gether mine elect elect from the four quarters of the Earth even as many as will believe in <​on​> my name & hearken unto my voice yea Verily Verily I say unto you that the field is white already to harvest Wherefore thrust in thy sickles & reap with all thy mights mind & strength open thy mouth & it shall be filled & thou shalt become even as Nephi of old who Journ[ey]ed from Jerusalem in the wilderness yea open thy mouth & spare not & thou shalt be laden with Sheaves upon thy Back for lo I am with thee you yea [p. 44] Open thy mouth & it shall be filled saying Repent repent & prepare ye the way of the Lord & make his paths strait for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand yea Repent & be evry one of you for the remission of sins yea be baptized even by water & then cometh the Baptism of fire & the Holy Ghost Behold Verily Verily I say unto you this is my Gospel & Remember they shall have faith in me or they can in no wise be saved & upon this Rock I will build my yea upon this Rock ye are built & the gaits of Hell shall not prevail against you & ye shall remember the Church Articles & Covenants to keep them & whoso haveing faith ye shall in my Church by the laying on of the hands & I will bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost upon them & the Book of Mormon & the Bible is are given of me for thine instructio[n] & the power of my spirit quickeneth all things Wherefore be faithful praying always having your lamps trimmed & burning & oil with you that ye may be Ready at the coming of the Bride groom for Behold Verily Verily I say unto you that I come quickly even so amen [p. 45]


  1. 1

    John Whitmer supplied consecutive numbering to the majority of the revelations in the first part of Revelation Book 1. This is the only case in which a single revelation has two numbers; earlier revelations given to two or more individuals did not receive two numbers. There is no other evidence that this revelation was originally two different texts.  

  2. 2

    In preparation for publication of the Book of Commandments, John Whitmer inserted “Oct.” here.  

  3. 3

    John Whitmer likely created this heading when he copied the text into Revelation Book 1.  

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    In the Book of Mormon, Nephi, the son of Lehi, journeys with his father’s family from Jerusalem through the wilderness and ultimately sails to the New World. (Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 5–9, 38–50 [1 Nephi chaps. 1–2, 16–18].)  

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