Revelation, September 1830–E [D&C 30:9–11]

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33 AD 183[0]
A Revelation to his call to the Ministery give &c given at Seneca County State of New York
Behold I say unto that thou shalt commence from this time forth to proclaim my Gospel as with the voice of a Trump & thy Labour shall be at thy Brother & in that region round about yea wheresoever thou canst be heard until I command thee to go from hence & thy whole Labour shall be in my with all thy Soul from henceforth yea thou shalt ever open thy mouth in my cause not fearing what man can do for I a with thee even so amen [p. 43]


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    John Whitmer likely created this heading when he copied the text into Revelation Book 1.  

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    It is unclear whether Burroughs was baptized into the church. According to a 12 March 1831 letter from an unidentified group of Palmyra citizens, Burroughs had previously been one of the principal “men of property” among the Mormons but by that time had “refused” to “obey Jo any longer.” Burroughs’s wife, however, seems to have joined the church and continued as a member. (Palmyra, NY, 12 Mar. 1831, Letter to the Editor, Painesville [OH] Telegraph, 22 Mar. 1831, [2]; Samuel Smith, Journal, 24 Apr. 1832.)  

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