Revised Articles of Agreement for the Kirtland Safety Society, circa March 1837

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Minutes of a meeting of the members of the,” held on the 2d day of January, 1837.
At a special meeting of the Kirtland Safety Society, two thirds of the members being present, was called to the Chair, and chosen Secretary.
The house was called to order, and the object of the meeting explained by the : which was,
1st. To annul the old constitution, which was adopted by the society, on the 2d day of November, 1836; which was, on motion, by the unanimous voice of the meeting, annulled.
2d. To adopt Articles of Agreement, by which the Kirtland Safety Society are to be governed.
After much discussion and investigation, the following Preamble and Articles of Agreement were adopted, by the unanimous voice of the meeting.
We, the undersigned subscribers, for the promotion of our temporal interests, and for the better management of our different occupations, which consist in agriculture, mechanical arts, and merchandising; do hereby form ourselves into a firm or company for the before mentioned objects, by the name of the “Kirtland Safety Society Banking Company,” and for the proper management of said firm, we individually and jointly enter into, and adopt, the following Articles of Agreement.
Art. 1st. The capital stock of said society or firm shall not be less than four millions of dollars; to be divided into shares of fifty dollars each; and may be increased to any amount, at the discretion of the Directors.
Art. 2d. The management of said company shall be under the superintendence of thirty-two Directors, to be chosen annually by, and from among the members of the same; each member being entitled to one vote for each share, which he, she, or they may hold in said company; and said votes may be given by proxy, or in PROPRIA PERSONA.
Art. 3d. It shall be the duty of said Directors, when chosen, to elect from their number, a President and Cashier. It shall be the further duty of said Directors to meet in the upper room of the office of said company, on the first Mondays of November and May of each year, at 9 o’clock, A. M. to inspect the books of said company and transact such other business as may be deemed necessary.
Art. 4th. It shall be the duty of said Directors to choose from among their number, seven men, who shall meet in the upper room of said office, on Tuesday of each week, at 4 o’clock, P. M. to inquire into and assist in all matters pertaining to said company.
Art. 5th. Each Director shall receive from the company one dollar per day for his services when called together at the annual and semi-annual meetings. The President and Cashier, and the seven, the committee of the Directors, shall receive a compensation for their services as shall be agreed by the directors at their semi-annual meetings.
Art. 6th. The first election of Directors, as set forth in the second article, shall take place at the meeting of the members to adopt this agreement, who shall hold their office until the first Monday of November, 1837, unless removed by death or misdemeanor, and until others are duly elected. Every annual election of Directors shall take place on the first Monday of November, of each year. It shall be the duty of the President and Cashier of said company, to receive the votes of the members by ballot, and declare the election.
Art. 7th. The books of the company shall be always open for the inspection of the members.
Art. 8th. It shall be the duty of the Directors of the company, to declare a dividend once in six months; which dividend shall be apportioned among the members, according to the installments by them paid in.
Art. 9th. All persons subscribing stock in said firm, shall pay their first installment at the time of subscribing; and other installments from time to time, as shall be required by the Directors.
Art. 10th. The Directors shall give thirty days notice in some public paper, printed in this , previous to an installment being paid in. All subscribers residing out of the , shall be required to pay in half the amount of their subscriptions at the time of subscribing, and the remainder, or such part thereof, as shall be required at any time by the Directors, after thirty days notice. [p. 475]
Art. 11th. The Cashier shall be empowered to call special meetings of the Directors, whenever he shall deem it necessary; separate and aside from the annual and semi-annual meetings.
Art. 12th. Two thirds of the Directors shall form a quorum to act at the semi-annual meetings, and any number of the seven, the committee of the Directors, with the President & Cashier, or either of them, may form a quorum to transact business at the weekly meetings; and in case none of the seven are present at the weekly meetings, the President and Cashier must transact the business.
Art. 13th. The Directors shall have power to enact such by-laws as they may deem necessary, from time to time, providing they do not infringe upon these Articles of Agreement.
Art. 14th. All notes given by said , shall be signed by the President and Cashier thereof, and we the individual members of said firm, hereby hold ourselves bound for the redemption of all such notes.
Art 15th. The notes given for the benefit of said society, shall be given to the Cashier, in the following form: “Ninety days after date, we jointly and severally promise to pay A. B. or order dollars and cents, value received.”
A record of which shall be made in the books at the time, of the amount, and by whom given, and when due—and deposited with the files and papers of said society.
Art. 16th Any article in this agreement may be altered at any time, annulled, added unto or expunged, by the vote of two-thirds of the members of said society; except the fourteenth article, that shall remain unaltered during the existence of said company. For the true and faithful fulfilment of the above covenant and agreement, we individually bind ourselves to each other under the penal sum of one hundred thousand dollars. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and date first written above.
Peter Shirts
Joseph Smith jr
Edwin P Merriam
Hiram Corey
Eliphalet Boynton
Daniel Bowen
Loren Babbit
Joel McWith[e]y
Zemira Draper Daniel Allen jr
Wm Draper sen Edson Barney
Laban Morrill Russell Potter
Bechias Dustin
Jesse Turpin
Elisha C Coltrin
A Pettingall Luman Carter
Wm Woodstock
Jonathan Hampton
Sterny Tripp
Jonas Putnam
Hyrum [Hiram] Stratton Daniel S Jackson
Samuel Parker
Edward M Webb
Horace Burgess
Isaac Rogers
Andrew Brim
Wm C Rolfe Ebenezer Barr
Simeon Andrews
Jeremiah Willey
Ephraim Badger Nathan Cheney
L H Franks
Lewis Eager
Chauncey G Webb
Thos Butterfield David Clough
Lebbeus [Libbeus] T Coons Astin Butler
Samuel Newcomb Benj Andrews
Wm Foster 1st
L M Davis
Samuel Hale
Zima [Zina Baker] Huntington
Nathaniel Carr Lorenzo Wells
Reuben Field James M Carrel
Dorcas Brooks
Phebe Rigdon
[p. 476]
Elijah B Gaylord Levi Gifford
Amos R Orton
Haratio N Parks
Hugh Coltrin
George Strope
Benjamin Kempton Samuel Phelps
Canfield & Spencer
Hiram B Booth
Isaac Hubbard J Coodson
Wesley Knight H A Sharp
Benj H Stall
Clark L Whitney Hezekiah Fisk
Russell Pemberton Lucy Ives
Liester Gaylord
Martin H Peck Thomas Gates jr
Isaac Cleaveland
Wm Gould
William Aldrich
Andrew L Allen
John B Carpenter John W Duty
S Hanchett
and others.
[p. 477]