Statement, 19 December 1842 [Canfield v. Morey]

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Hancock Co Illinois
December 19 1842
In October last 1842 i the undersigned entered into contract with of the city of the contract was that i was to drive his team consisting of a span of horses and waggon for the winter season and as much longer as we could agree and further that for my Services i was to have half of what i made and Room rent free for finding the said s family in fire wood at the door which i have done up to this day date now as the said is out gone away from home the takes of upon herself to take away the team without just cause leaving me destitute of any means of support according to contract and the said has taken upon hrself to Slander me in different places in town former contract brings in my debt about 10 or 12 Dollars and the un[der]standing was to make it with the team but in his absence his disclaims all contracts and takes upon herself to do as she has done my case i have submit[t]ed in these few lines for the purpose of having justice done to me if there is any as i am poor and destitute of many of the comforts of life
Your humble Servant
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Decr. 19th, 1842.
) Statement of Case.—
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    Signature of John Canfield.  

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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.