Statement, between 10 and 25 March 1839 [JS v. McLellin]

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is guilty of entering the house of Joseph Smith Jr. in the City of and plundering it of the folowing articles. viz, One roll of linen cloth, a quantity of very valuable butt buttons, one piece of Cassimere, a quantity of very valuable books of great variety, a number of vestings, with various other articles of value Said was aided and assisted in the above transactions by Harvey Green, , and .
The Said abovementioned also came to and took away from the Stable of the said abovementioned Joseph Smith Jr. one Gig & Harness— with some other articles which Cannot now be called to mind, aided and assisted by which can be proven by the following witnesses.
Caroline Clark
Mrs. Hinkle
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    Docket in handwriting of James Mulholland.