Statement, circa 1 November 1839–A

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Therefore The undersign’d who are chosen by the to represent to the and congress of the the Cruel outrages and injustice inflicted upon the said Church by the citizens of the State of and also their suffering condition in consequence thereof. Do hereby for and in behalf of the said church do hereby petition his Excellency the and also the Honorable the Senate and house of Representatives of the in Congress assembled that they cause to be made a full and complete restoration of all the rights and priveleges which we have been and now are deprived of and that we may enjoy all the rights and priveleges guarranted [guaranteed] to us (in common with other citizens of the ) by the constitution thereof and not only do we ask to be reinstated to enjoy and be protected in the peaceable possession of our Lands purchased of the in the State of but we also ask for a Just remuneration of damages which we have sustained by being deprived of the right of citizenship contrary to the constitution and Laws of the and your Petitioners in behalf of the said Church as in duty bound will ever pray
Joseph Smith Jr.
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    Three months later, JS, Rigdon, and Higbee submitted to Congress a memorial that petitioned the federal government for redress and reparations. (Memorial to the United States Senate and House of Representatives, ca. 30 Oct. 1839–27 Jan. 1840.)