Subpoena, 15 February 1843 [Dana v. Brink]

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State of Illinois) Ss [scilicet]
The people of the State of
To , , Mary D[e]uel, , , [2 lines blank]
you are hereby commanded to appear before me at my in the city of , on the 20th day of Feb. 1843, at 10 o’clock A.M. Then and there to testify the truth, in a matter in suit, wherein is plaintiff and is defendant, and this you are not to omit under the penalty of the Law.
Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of February 1843
Joseph Smith L. S.
Mayor of the city of . [p. [1]]


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    TEXT: “L. S.” (locus sigilli, Latin for “location of the seal”) enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.