Subpoena, 29 November 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Slander of JS–B]

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State of Illinois)
City of )
The People of the State of to the Charles Seidel, and Alexander <​Andrew M,​> Grovel [Gravel], , <​of said .​> and .—
You are hereby commanded to appear before the Municipal Court of said , at the Mayors in said forthwith, to testify the truth, in a matter in suit, wherein Joseph Smith on behalf of the <​said​> is Plaintiff and Defendant, and this you are not to Omit, under the penalty of the law.
Given under my Hand and Seal, this 29th. day of November 1842.
Alderman [p. [1]]
The within Served on Messrs— Andrew <​M​> Gravel & Charles Sedel
fees 75¢ 75¢ Marshal
also Served on Gilbern
fees 18¾c Marshal
/Entd./ [p. [2]]


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    Signature of Daniel H. Wells.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Henry G. Sherwood.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.