Subpoena, 4 February 1844 [Saunders v. Dixon]

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STATE OF ILLINOIS,) SS [scilicet].—
The People of the State of to William Ha[rris] R[oyal] P. Saunders, James A. Sau[nders] S[ilas] S. Saunders
You [ar]e hereby commanded to appear before me at my in on the 0th [10th?] day of Feb 1844 at 1 o’clock PM., then and there to testify [to] the truth in a matter in suit wherein Abraham Saun[ders] Plaintiff, and Thomas Dixon Defendant, and this you are not to omit under the penalty of the law.
Given under my hand and seal, this 4th day of Februa[ry 1844]
Joseph Smith J. P [p. [1]]
[Abraham] Saunder[s] vs [Th]oma[s] Dixon
William Harris R. P. Saunders James A . Saunders S. S. Saunders
I have served the within subpeona on Wm Harris By reading the Same to him this 5 day of Feb/ 44
Serv Sub & mil 92 cents
Wm. Mace Const
Served [illegible] Sellas s. Oroial [orally?] and James A Saunders is By exe◊◊◊ting
Served on the tenth
serv By Abra Saund[ers] [p. [2]]


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