Subpoena, 6 December 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Slander of Miles]

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State of Illinois) S.S.
City of )
The people of the State of , to the City of said , Greeting:
you are hereby Commanded to Summon <​, , Andrew M. Gravel​><​, Joseph Smith,​> to be and appear before me Joseph Smith one of the Justices of the peace, and Alderman in and for said , at my in said , forthwith, then and there, to give testimony, and the truth to say, touching a certain Complaint made on behalf of the , against , and hereof fail not, under the penalty of the Law, and have you then there this Writ.
Given under my hand and Seal this 6th day of Decr. 1842.
Joseph Mayor, Mayor Seal [p. [1]]
State of & City of
, Complaint of
Andrew M Gravel
The within served on above & within names
fees— 37½¢
<also subpoenaed Joseph Smith
fees 12½¢
brot down 37½
Decr. 6th. 1842.
State of Illinois) Subpoena for Witnesses. in the Case of vs .—
City of )
[p. [2]]


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    Certification by JS in the handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Signature of JS by James Sloan. Unlike the other documents in this case, JS did not sign the subpoena, and Sloan provided a scribal signature, though he mistakenly wrote “Joseph Mayor” instead of “Joseph Smith.” It is unclear why JS did not sign this document.  

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    Docket and notation in the handwriting of Henry G. Sherwood.  

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    Docket in the handwriting of James Sloan written upside down in relation to the previous text.