Subscription List from Ramus, Illinois, Saints, circa 3 March 1843

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We the undersigned respectfully Contribute for the relief or support of Br Joseph Smith whatever is attached to our names
<​X​> E[lijah] B. Gaylord 1 Waggon load of provisions consisting of
<​X —​> 1 ap Load Consisting of One hog 20 bushels Oats
<​X​> Isaac Cleveland 1 Bushels Wheat & 2 of corn
<​X​> John Crosby 1 Barrel Flour
<​X​> 10 bushels Corn
<​X​> Ute Perkins 2ond. 10 " "
Otis Shumway will deliver provisions at
Zebulan Springer 5 bush Corn & 5 do potatoes
<​X​> Paul Purket 4 Bushels Oats
James Fife will Send soon
<​X​> Widow Beckstead 2 Bushels shelled Corn
<​X​> Lewis Perkins 8 Bushels Corn
<​X​> Rufus Forbush 5 Bush Corn
John Quayle 16 Bushels Oats
Charles Cusman will deliver $5. in provns. at
<​4 bu Paid}​> Justus Morse 10 Bushels Corn 1 half Bushel Measure
<​X​> Absalom Perkins 10 Bls Corn
will Send Soon Soon
<​24 lbs Pork}​> Br Kilbourn $3. in provisions delivered soon <​1 ham now​>
<​X​> E. Tuttle hauling 1 load
<​X​> David. T. LeBaron 1 Barrel Flour—
<​X​> <​David. Dutton—​> <​30 lb pork​>
Correctly Transcribed By [p. [1]]
, Subscription
Diliverd March 3d 1843 By . & others—
those crossed are paid


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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.