Summons, 1 August 1843–A [Clayton v. E. W. Rhodes et al.]

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State of Illinois) Sct [scilicet]
The People of the State of To the of said Greeting
We command you to summon Eunice [Wright] Rhodes, Orrin Rhodes Alonzo Rhodes, Alvin Rhodes, William W Rhodes Robert B Rhodes, Helen Rhodes and Joseph Smith if to be found in your personally to be and appear before the circuit court of said on the first day of the next term of thereof to be holden at the Court House in on the third Monday in the month of October AD 1843 to answer to a certain bill of complaint filed in our said circuit court on the side thereof against them and Hugh Rhodes as administrator of Erie Rhodes deceased by And have you then there this writ and make return thereon in what manner you execute the same
Witness clerk of our said Circuit Court at this first day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty three
Clerk By Depy
[. . .]
I have served the within summons by delivering a copy to each of the within named persons to wit: Eunice Rhodes, Alonzo Rhodes, Alvin Rhodes, William W Rhodes, Robert B Rhodes, Helen Rhodes, Joseph Smith, August 10 1843. served Orrin Rhodes August 15 AD 1843.
Shff [p. [447]]


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