Supersedeas, 19 January 1843 [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Slander of JS–C]

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State of Illinois) Ss [scilicet]
The People of the State of to the Municipal court of the city of & the or any constable of said Greeting: Whereas on the third day of December AD 1842 a Judgment was rendered by said Municipal court of the city of against in a suit instituted by said city of against the said for the sum of Fifty dollars fine & Sixteen dollars and Eighty one cents costs of said <​suit​> from which said Judgment the said has appealed to the circuit court of said County of — You are therefore hereby enjoined and required to suspend all further proceedings in relation thereto until our said Circuit Court shall make other order order to the contrary and that you certify the record and proceeding in said cause to our said circuit court— And this you shall in no wise omit at your peril
Witness Clerk of our said Circuit Court at this 19th day of January A D 1843
Clk. [p. [1]]
No. 76
City of
vs Appeal
Injunction to the Municipal Court &C
Circuit Court
May Term AD 1843.
’s Fees $4.00
144 Miles Travel— 9.00
<​returning​> <​12½​>
. S. by. . D. S. [p. [2]]
I have served the within Injunction by Reading to all the Members of the Municipal Court of the Citty of as follows
. and . January 31st <​31st​>
Joseph, Smith and February. 1st.
and . do. 2d.
do. 3d
do 4th.
February 4th. 1843. Hancock County, Ill
s fees for serving and returning writ. $4,00
144. Miles Travel 9,00
. S[heriff ] by . D. S. [Deputy Sheriff] [p. [2a]]


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    Signature of Jacob B. Backenstos.  

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    Docket in handwriting of M. Avise.  

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    Notation in handwriting of John D. Parker.  

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    Notation in handwriting of John D. Parker.