Supersedeas, 26 July 1844 [City of Nauvoo v. R. D. Foster]

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State of Illinois)
The People of the State of to the Honorable the Municipal Court of the City of & Esquire Martial of said Their agents & Attorneys and every of them Greeting:
Whereas has filed an Affidavit in the Circuit Court of said praying a Writ of and whereas the Probate Justice of the Peace within and for said has made an order granting the issuing of said writ of in a certain cause lately pending in the municipal Court of the City of wherein the said City of was plaintiff, & Defendant & wherein a Judgement was rendered against said and in favour of said City of for the sum of One Hundred Dollars fine, & Costs of suit, and the Court haveing awarded the said writ of Now therefore you the said municipal Court & Martial of said and all other Persons are hereby Commanded that you do forthwith desist from Collecting the above described Judgement, or any part thereof or intermedling or proceeding in the premises in any way whatever untill further order from our Circuit Court within and for said [p. [1]]
Herein fail not at your Perril
Witness, , Clerk of Our said Circuit Court at this 26th. Day of July 1844
, clk [p. [2]]
City of
Circuit Court
To the October Term 1844
I have served the within writ by reading the same to the <​within named​> Marcial of the city of Ill, July 27— 1844
shff Ills.
s Fees
Serving writ 50
20 miles Travel 1.25
Returning writ 12½
Filed Sept 10th. 1844.
clk [p. [3]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Jacob B. Backenstos.  

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