Town Lot Order on Vacant Lots, circa April 1840–B

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Block 113 Lots 2 & 3 are vacant—
they are the ones & only place whereby the Swamp on the Munson [S]treet can be drained— and is proper to reserve the right to drain the swamp if the should need it in futer [future]— also to prohibit the purchaser from any right to drain it— Making the reserve for the church & them only the worth of said lots
No 2 $550
" 3— 600
I should not sell them or either on any other conditions than the above— a reasonable compensation should be allowed for a right reserved to drain in futer— [p. [1]]
Block 113 No 1 No 3
Enq[u]ire if these Lots are vacant [p. [2]]


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    Notation in unidentified handwriting.