Warrant, 12 September 1838 [State of Missouri v. JS et al. for Riot]

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State of Missouri) ss [scilicet]
County of )
The state of to the Sheriff or any constable of said Greetings Whareas complaint has been maede before me one of the Justice of the peace in and for the aforesaid upon the oath of that Ephriam Owens [Ephraim Owen] Harvey olmstead [Olmsted] Alanson Brown John Woods Riley Stuard [Stewart] Ephrim Tubs [Ephraim Tubbs] James Nelison late of the aforesaid did on or about the 8 day of August 1838 at the county of <​unlawfully assemble themselves together and​> did come and approach his house and surround it with an an armed forsce of me[n] amounting to about one hundred and fifty all well armed with guns swords and sistels [pistols?] he[a]ded by Joseph Smith and and did thare threting [threaten] him with instance death if they he did not sign a writ instrument of writing he which he considere[d] ware <​no​> free man at [ought] <​to​> have don all threten the lives of others to wit and William Bawman [Bowman]
There are therefore to Command you to take the said Ephraim Owens Harvey Olmstead Alunson Brown John Woods Riley Steward Ephraim Tubs James Nelson if they be found in your [p. [1]]
[1 line illegible]
named persons so you have them forthwith before me or some other Justice of the Peace o[f] said Court to answer the said Complaint and be further dealt with according to law
Given under my hand this 12th day of September 1838
Philip Covington JP
State of
and others
Elisha T. Denison is hereby specially deputed by me the undersigned Justice to serve and execute the within writ: given under my hand this 12thday of September 1838
Philip Covington JP
Not Exicuted. Resested by Rifles presnted at my breast— Septr. 12th 1838
E. T. Denison
Sworn to and subscribed to before <​me​> this 14th day of Sept 1838
Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Filed on the 8th Oct. 1838
Clk [p. [2]]
No. 36
Circuit Court, , MO. IN THE MATTER OF State of vs. et al 12 Plaintiff’s Attorney. Defendant’s Attorney. [p. [3]]


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    Docket possibly in handwriting of James A. Clark.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Philip Covington.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Elisha T. Denison.  

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    Certification in handwriting of Robert Wilson.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Robert Wilson.  

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    “12” stamped in ink.