Warrant, 21 May 1844 [United States v. Jeremiah Smith]

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United States of America) Ss [scilicet]
District of )
To the of the for the District of .
Whias [Whereas] there has been this day presented to me , Judge of the District Court of the United States for the District of a duly certified copy of an Indictment returned by the Grand Jury into the criminial Court for the County of in the District of Columbia against one for obtaining from the Treasury of the certain papers, for the payment of Money under false pretenc<​es​> and for obtaining money from the Treasury of the under false pretence, on or about the 28th. day of March A. D. 1843 which said was found and returmed into the said court at the Oct. Term thereof in the year aforesaid; and — of the city of in the Territory of , Physician, hath also this day made complaint upon oath before me the before named judge for the aforesaid, that the said mentioned in the said Bill of Indictment is mow [now] in the county of in the State of : These are therefore in the name of the to command you forthwith to apprehend him the said and bring him the said before me, at the ’ District Court Room in the city of in said State to answer unto the matters contained in the said bill of Indictment and the complaint and information aforesaid and to be further dealt according to law— Hereof fail not
Given Under my hand and private Seal this 21st. day of May A. D. 1844
I authorize to execute the within warrant this 25th. May A.D. 1844,
U. S. Marshall [p. [1]]
I certify the within to be a true copy of the original warrant, and authority to me to serve the same
Special U.S. Marshal [p. [2]]