William D. Huntington, Report, circa 11 September 1843

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DEATHS for the week ending Monday the 11th of September [1843].
Elizabeth Carter, 1y 3m, diarrhea,
Ann Twist, 8y 3m, diarrhea.
Henry Stewart, 7m 25d, bloody flux.
Wm. S. Buckwater, 13y 8m, billious fever.
Amanda M. Smith, 9m 2d, mumps.
Jane Greenhow, 36y.
Martha Proctor, 1y 6m, bowel consumption.
Wm. Simonds, 45y, fever.
Mary Jane Leonard, 23y 24d, typus fever.
Nancy Jane Holbrook, 4y 7m 10d, measles.
Hannah Blanchard, 42y, consumption.
Wm. B. Hillman 1y 10m, diarrhea.
Mary Hodges, 1y 1m, consumption.
James Henderson, 37y 9m 11d, typus fever.
Wm. R. Parker, 28y, ague and fever.
Ransom Bates, 2y 10m, black canker.
Hannah Blanchard, 42y, consumption.
Total 18.
Also Jacob Grove, (of ,) 43y, congestive fever.
, Sexton. [p. [3]]


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    See also Huntington, Cemetery Records, [9].