William D. Huntington, Report, circa 15 September 1845

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Sept. 15th. [1845]
Wm. H. Presley Jr., 5m Diarrhea.
Maria E. Barton of Pilot grove, 33y 7m 14d fever.
Wm. Williams, 20y Billieus fever.
Wm. J. Thompson, 38y 11m 23d affection of the liver.
Lydia Losee infant.
Sarah E. Griffith 1y 1m croup.
Leatus Newell, 39y inflammation inthe head.
Thomas Bedford of , 10y 10m 9d Billious fever.
Lydia Turner of , 76y Billious fever.
Emma W. Kilbreath, 1y 7m 22d.
Henry King 11y 3m Diarrhea & Canker.
James Sanderson of , 41y 2m 13d Billous fever.
Wm. Mosly 35y Black Canker.
Samuel Clark, 42y 9m 1d Nervous fever.
Salmon Gee of Iowa, 52y 10m 1d Chill fever.
Martha Lord, 57y, fever.
Sally Fisher, 68y 6m 22d.
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