William D. Huntington, Report, circa 23 October 1843

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DEATHS—For the week ending Monday the 23d inst. [23 Oct. 1843]
Lydia Smith, 74y; numb palsey.
W. C. Stephens, 1y 2d; quick comsumption.
Stephen Abbott, 39y; remiting fever.
Solomon Workman, 9y; measles.
Mary Code, of Iowa, 64y; consumption.
Sarah Crosbie, 66y; ague and fever.
W. Robertson, 62y; diarrhea.
Charlotte Allen, 35y; nervous fever.
Catharine Nicholson, 47y; consumption.
Mary Moon, 63y; chill fever.
Lydia A. Taylor, 35y; Hyctic [Hectic] fever.
Total 11
, Sexton. [p. [3]]


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    See also Huntington, Cemetery Records, [12].