William D. Huntington, Report, circa 30 June 1845

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June 30th, 1845.
Irvine Hodges, 27y, 3m, 5d; murdered.
Isabella Hill; 1y, 6m, 28d; diarrhea.
Wm. Johnson, 3y, 2m, 4d; fever.
Joseph H. Plunket, 11m, 23d; inflammation of brain.
Jerome B. Elliott, 12d;
George W. Johnson, 3m, 7 ; inflammation of lungs,
Reuben Middleton, 65y, 2m, 21d;— quick consumption.
Elizabeth Sawyer, 19y, 18d; fever.
Mercy Fields, (of ,) 43y ;— erysipelas.
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    See also Huntington, Cemetery Records, [27].