Errata for Administrative Records, Volume 1

This sheet identifies errors found in Administrative Records, Volume 1: Council of Fifty, Minutes. Minor errors, such as in the format of source citations, are not reported. The errors reported here occur in all printings of the volume and have been corrected in the transcripts, annotation, and reference material presented on this site. This sheet will be updated as additional errors are found. Please report additional errors by emailing
Page 3, second paragraph, lines 10 and 11: “S. FINE” is a paper grade (super fine) rather than the name of a binder.
Page 288, line 8. Change “Unites States” to “United States”.
Page 325, note 446, line 5. Replace “John Young” with “Joseph Young”.
Page 412, note 684, line 1. According to Howard Coray, Lucy Mack Smith’s history was written in the winter of 1844–1845 (so it may not have been started as early as fall 1844 as is stated in this note).
Page 500, second-to-last paragraph of text. Insert a paragraph break before the sentence that begins “There was also added 2 Sets . . .”
Pages 553–688. A number of updates and changes have been made to the reference material. The updates correct factual errors, add additional information, and remove biographical information that, while possibly accurate, could not be documented in primary sources or the most reliable secondary sources. Because the reference material supports all published volumes and all documents published on the website, the Smith Papers staff will not keep a record of the specific changes made to each entry published in Council of Fifty, Minutes. Readers should refer to the Reference section of the Joseph Smith Papers website to find the corrected and updated information.
Page 653. In the first row of the chart on this page (“Committee to investigate the stock of the Nauvoo House Association”), add the name of Lucien Woodworth to the “Members” column after the name of George Miller.