Errata for Journals, Volume 1

This sheet identifies errors found in Journals, Volume 1: 1832–1839. Minor errors, such as in the format of source citations, are not reported. The errors reported here occur in all printings of the volume and have been corrected in the transcripts, annotation, and reference material presented on this site. This sheet will be updated as additional errors are found. Please report additional errors by emailing
Page 11, editorial note, line 6. Change “press” to “office”. Comment: The press was thrown from a window, leaving it damaged but not destroyed. The press office itself was razed. The same minor correction needs to be applied in a handful of other instances throughout the volume.
Page 14, note 35, line 4. Place the title of the Goddard work in italics, without quotation marks.
Page 20, note 53, line 3. Delete The in the name of the newspaper.
Page 25, note 64, line 2. Change “Sunday’s” to “Saturday’s”.
Page 44, second paragraph, fifth line from bottom. Change “late July” to “early August”.
Page 51, note 177, line 1. Before the second instance of “Rigdon”, insert “JS,”.
Page 72, note 58. Line 5: Change “Apr. 1889, 58” to “July 1889, 104”. Line 6: Change “16 Sept. 1835, CHL” to “16–18 Sept. 1835, private possession, copy in CHL”.
Page 75, note 62, line 10. Change “vol. 1” to “vol. 3”.
Page 76, note 65, line 3. Change “Chagrin” to “Willoughby”. Comment: The name was changed from Chagrin to Willoughby one year earlier, in 1834.
Page 82, note 81, lines 1–2. Change “JS’s cousin George A. Smith and their second cousin Lyman Smith departed on a on a proselytizing mission” to “JS’s cousin George A. Smith departed with Lyman Smith on a proselytizing mission”.
Page 93, note 112, line 1: In Revelation quotation, change the color of “the” to black instead of light grey.
Page 112, entry for 29 November 1835, line 6. Insert “of” between “voice” and “an” (thus: “as the voice of an angels”).
Page 113, note 175, line 1. Change “Warren Cowdery” to “Warren Parrish”.
Page 114, note 182. Line 1: Change “Warren Cowdery” to “Warren Parrish”. Line 3: Change “Cowdery” to “Parrish”.
Page 115, note 184, lines 1–2. Change “the statement of principles and practices read and approved at the church’s organization, 6 April 1830” to “the 10 April 1830 statement of the church’s principles and practices”. Also add the following source: “Minute Book 2, 9 June 1830”.
Page 115, note 187, line 2. Change “Lewis was ‘much perplexed’” to “JS was ‘much perplexed’”.
Page 117, entry for 9 December 1835, line 10 (first line in the list of contributions). Change “5.00” to “$5.00”.
Page 122, entry for 14 December 1835, last line. Change “form” to “from” and render the strikethrough bar on the line as follows: “To day I received a letter from Elder Orson Hyde from his own hand”.
Page 149, note 259, line 8. Add the following source: “Hyrum Smith, Diary, 10 Feb. 1832”.
Page 150, line 16. Correct the spelling of the surname from “Miliken [Millikin]” to “Mil[l]iken”.
Page 151, note 270, line line 2. Change second sentence to read “Roofing and finishing work continued in 1835 and 1836.”
Page 164, entry for 19 January 1836, last two lines of entry. Transpose “[p. 131]” and “[5 lines blank]” (the blank lines occur before the end of page 131).
Page 172, entry for 23 January 1836, line 4. Strike the supplied correction “[Beman]”. Comment: “Beman” is the preferred spelling, but “Beaman” is also accurate.
Page 176, line 2. Fully justify the line (the space at the end of the line is unintentional).
Page 188, note 383, line 9. Change “John H. Boynton” to “John F. Boynton”. Comment: The original license erroneously used “H.” as the middle initial.
Page 190, note 390. Change spelling of first name to “Phebe”.
Page 211, entry for 29 March 1836, second line. Change “Professor” to “Proffessor”. Also, there should be a break in the cancellation between “dismissed” and “made”. Thus, the last four words of this line should be rendered as follows: “After we dismissed made”.
Page 214, note 456, line 8. Change “16 Sept. 1835, CHL” to “16–18 Sept. 1835, private possession, copy in CHL”.
Page 229, second full paragraph, lines 6–8. The sentence that begins on line 6 should end with the word “roster”; delete the rest of the sentence. Comment: See next item below for explanation.
Pages 234–235. In the caption, delete the sentence that begins “Later, the final page” and the following sentence. Change the credit information at the end of the caption (within parentheses) to the following: “Photograph by Welden C. Andersen.” Delete the multispectral image on page 235. Comment: The names that are apparently revealed on the multispectral image of page 15 of the Mar.–Sept. 1838 Journal were, in fact, never originally inscribed on that page, and the statement that the page was washed is incorrect. Rather, the names were inscribed one leaf earlier, on page 13. The ink transferred from the verso of the previous leaf (page 13) to the recto of the following leaf (page 14) and then bled through to the verso of that leaf (page 15). The multispectral image was erroneously interpreted by the Smith Papers staff.
Page 236, line 4. The word “Jesus” should be transcribed as “<​Jesus​>”.
Page 251, note 90, line 1. Change “12 Apr. 1837” to “12 Apr. 1838”.
Page 257, Revelation for David W. Patten, 11 April 1838, line 1 (following the italicized subheading). After “1838”, insert footnote that reads: “Now D&C 114.”
Pages 261–262. Instances of “Henry” should be removed from transcript and annotation. The name of Sarah Jackson’s husband is unknown.
Page 261, entry for 28 April 1838, second line from bottom of page. Change “plaintiff” to “plantiff”.
Page 270, note 144, second line from bottom. Change “13 May 1838” to “12 May 1838”.
Page 270, note 145, first line. Change “The day before” to “Two days before”.
Page 290, line 10. Change “for ever and ever” to “for ever and ever” (the words are individually underlined).
Page 298, note 217, first line. In the quoted matter at the very end of the line, remove the underlining from the period. Thus: “3rd.”.
Page 310, line 19. Change “General David Atchison” to “General David R. Atchison”.
Page 314, note 270, line 2. Insert “JS Collection,” before “CHL”.
Page 321, note 1. Remove the page number after the “Schedule of Church Records”.
Page 331, note 1. Remove the page number after the “Schedule of Church Records”.
Page 341, entry at bottom of page for 15–17 June, line 1. Enclose the first instance of “15th June” within angle (insertion) brackets and delete the second instance. Thus, this line should read as follows: “<​15th June​> Started on Saturday morning with my family— on a”.
Page 344, note 42, line 2. Change “Phoebe” to “Phebe”.
Page 349, note 56, line 1. Change “In a personal history, Brigham Young later wrote” to “Brigham Young’s later history stated”. Line 5: Change “Young” to “The history”.
Page 350, note 63, line 4. Change “1850 U.S. Census, Hancock Co., IL, 291” to “1850 U.S. Census, Nauvoo, Hancock Co., IL, 405[B]”. Change “197A” (at the end of the line) to “191B”.
Pages 357–503. A number of updates and changes have been made to the reference material. The updates correct factual errors, add additional information, and remove biographical information that, while possibly accurate, could not be documented in primary sources or the most reliable secondary sources. Because the reference material supports all published volumes and all documents published on the website, the Smith Papers staff will not keep a record of the specific changes made to each entry published in Journals, Volume 1. Readers should refer to the Reference section of the Joseph Smith Papers website to find the corrected and updated information.
Page 388. Swap entry for letter O with letter P.
Page 388, “Selected Structures,” item “U.” Change “Phoebe” to “Phebe”.
Page 389. Comment: A second Jacob Bump property and a Hansen-Ward property should have been included on this map. A corrected map will be published in a later volume.
Page 390, “Selected Structures,” item “CC.” Change “Phoebe” to “Phebe”.
Page 395, quadrant C-1. Change “white” to “unshaded”.
Page 397, paragraph 3, line 3. Change “Mr. Bradley” to “Mr. Bradly”.
Page 478, second full paragraph, line 5. Change “papyrus” to “papyri”.
Page 505, final paragraph. Add the name of Jed Woodworth, a former Smith Papers editor. Third line from bottom: Change “Mia Strutenau” to “Mia Struteanu”.