Unsigned Promissory Note, 25 September 1839–F

Unsigned Promissory Note to JS, Nauvoo

Principal gathering place for Saints following expulsion from Missouri. Beginning in 1839, LDS church purchased lands in earlier settlement of Commerce and planned settlement of Commerce City, as well as surrounding areas. Served as church headquarters, 1839...

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, IL, 25 Sept. 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland

1804–3 Nov. 1839. Born in Ireland. Baptized into LDS church. Married Sarah Scott, 8 Feb. 1838/1839, at Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri. Engaged in clerical work for JS, 1838, at Far West. Ordained a seventy, 28 Dec. 1838. After expulsion from Missouri, lived...

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; one page; Newel K. Whitney, Papers, BYU.
Note that it is unclear what bond this promissory note, Unsigned Promissory Note, 25 September 1839–D, and Unsigned Promissory Note, 25 September 1839–E are associated with.