Whitlock, Harvey Gilman


1809–after 1880. Physician. Born in Massachusetts. Married Minerva Abbott, 21 Nov. 1830. Baptized into LDS church, 1831. Ordained an elder, by June 1831. Ordained a high priest, 4 June 1831. Served mission to Jackson Co., Missouri, with David Whitmer, 1831. In 1831, moved his household to Missouri, where he became member of Whitmer branch. Appointed to serve mission to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, Jan. 1832. Expelled from Jackson Co., Missouri, 1833. Excommunicated, by 1835. Conference of church presidency recommended he be rebaptized and reordained, 30 Jan. 1836. Withdrew from church, 1838. Moved to Cedar Co., Iowa Territory, by 1840. Baptized into Sidney Rigdon’s Church of Christ at West Buffalo, Scott Co., Iowa Territory, 1845. Migrated to Salt Lake Valley, by 1850. Rebaptized into LDS church, 1858. By 1860, moved to San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., California, where he was baptized into RLDS church. President of Pacific Slope area of RLDS church, 1866. Excommunicated from RLDS church, 1868. Moved to Contra Costa Co., California, by 1870. Lived at Bishop Creek, Inyo Co., California, 1880. Likely died in California.