Bennett, James Gordon


1 Sept. 1795–1 June 1872. Journalist, newspaper owner. Born at Newmill, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland. Catholic. Moved to Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, ca. 1815, and to Halifax, Halifax Co., Nova Scotia, 1819. Moved to Boston; to New York, ca. 1822; to Charleston, South Carolina, ca. 1822; to New York City, 1823; to Washington DC, 1827; to Philadelphia, 1832; and back to New York City, 1833. Founder of New York Herald, 1835. Married Henrietta Agnes Crean, 6 June 1840, at New York City. Lauded by JS for his evenhanded reporting on LDS doctrines and people. Appointed to rank of brigadier general in Nauvoo Legion, May 1842. Awarded "freedom of the city" of Nauvoo and honorary doctor of laws degree from University of Nauvoo, Aug. 1842. Died at New York City.