Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 16
meeting the spirit was given  in great to power to some  and the rest had great pease  peace may God carry on  his work in this place   till all shall know  him Amen. Held meet ing yesterday at 10 o  clock after meeting  two came forward and  were baptized confirmed  them at the watters edge  held meeting last evening   br to the office of  had a good meeting one  of the sisters got the [p. 16]
meeting . The Spirit was given in great power to some, and the rest had great peace . May God carry on his work in this place until all shall know him. Amen. Held meeting yesterday at 10 o’clock. After meeting two came forward and were baptized . Confirmed them at the water’s edge . Held meeting last evening. Brother to the office of elder . Had a good meeting . One of the sisters got the [p. 16]
Page 16