United States of America



French explored area, 1669. British took possession following French and Indian War, 1763. Ceded to U.S., 1783. First permanent white settlement established, 1788. Northeastern portion maintained as part of Connecticut, 1786, and called Connecticut Western Reserve. Connecticut granted jurisdiction of Western Reserve to U.S. Government, 1800. All of Ohio area partitioned from Northwest Territory and admitted to U.S. as state, 1803. State bordered by Lake Erie on north and Ohio River on south. Population in 1820 about 580,000; in 1830 about 940,000; and in 1840 about 1,500,000. Mormon missionaries preached in northeastern Ohio, Oct. 1830. Reformed Baptist preacher Sidney Rigdon and many of his congregants in state joined LDS church, late 1830. JS revelation, dated 30 Dec. 1830, directed church members in New York to migrate to Ohio. JS lived in Kirtland and Hiram, 1831–1838. JS dictated over sixty revelations in state. JS and most loyal Ohio Saints migrated to Missouri, 1838. However, some Saints remained, and Ohio became location of schismatic activity after death of JS.