Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 19
come git <up> and see the signs in  the heavens and I arrose and  beheld to my great Joy the  stars fall from heaven yea  they fell like hail stones a   litteral fullfillment of the  word of God as recorded in  the holy scriptures and a  sure sign that the coming  of Christ is clost at hand  Oh how marvellous are thy  works Oh Lord and I thank  thee for thy me[r]cy unto me  thy servent Oh Lord  save me in thy kingdom  for Christ sake Amen [p. 19]
come get up and see the signs in the heavens.” And I arose and beheld to my great joy the stars fall from heaven. Yea, they fell like hailstones , a literal fulfillment of the word of God as recorded in the holy scriptures and a sure sign that the coming of Christ is close at hand. Oh, how marvelous are thy works, O Lord, and I thank thee for thy mercy unto me, thy servant . O Lord, save me in thy kingdom for Christ’s sake. Amen. [p. 19]
Page 19