Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 37
he shall remember  the God of Jacob and  he will shield him from  the power of satan and  he shall receive councl <councel>  in the house of the most  high that he may be  streng[t]hened in hope  that the goings <of his feet> may  be established for ever  blessed of the Lord is   because  the Lord shall say unto  him Saml., Saml.,  therefore he shall be  made a teache[r] in [p. 37]
he shall remember the God of Jacob and he will shield him from the power of Satan. And he shall receive counsel in the house of the Most High that he may be strengthened in hope, that the goings of his feet may be established forever. Blessed of the Lord is because the Lord shall say unto him, “Samuel, Samuel.” Therefore he shall be made a teacher in [p. 37]
Page 37