Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 39
who devideth not the  spoil because of his  strength and in the  pride of his heart he  will neglect the more  weightier weighty matters  until his soul is  bowed down in sorrow  and then he shall re turn and call on th[e]  name of his God and  shall find forgivness  and shall wax valient  therefor he shall be  saved unto the ut ter most and as the [p. 39]
who divideth not the spoil because of his strength, and in the pride of his heart he will neglect the more weighty matters until his soul is bowed down in sorrow. And then he shall return and call on the name of his God and shall find forgiveness and shall wax valiant. Therefore he shall be saved unto the uttermost. And as the [p. 39]
Page 39