Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 47
may not be hindered, but  that men’s eyes may thereby  be opened to see the truth.
Sixthly, That the Lord would  deliver , and in  his scattered people,  to possess it in peace;  and also, while in their  dispersion, that he would  provide for them that  they perish not with  hunger nor cold.  And finally, that God  in the name of Jesus  would gather his elect  speedily, and unveil  his face that his saints [p. 47]
may not be hindered, but that men’s eyes may thereby be opened to see the truth.
Sixthly, that the Lord would deliver , and in his scattered people to possess it in peace; and also, while in their dispersion, that he would provide for them that they perish not with hunger nor cold. And finally, that God in the name of Jesus would gather his elect speedily and unveil his face that his Saints [p. 47]
Page 47