Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 52
and also that God  would soften down  the hearts of  J[osiah] Jones & [Azariah] Lyman  and also [Andrew] Bardsley  that they might  obey the gospel or  if they would not  repent that the lord  would send faithful   saints to purchase  their farms that may be streng thened and <its> the borders  enlarged O Lord grant  it for Christ Sake Amen [p. 52]
And also that God would soften down the hearts of , Josiah Jones, , and Azariah Lyman, and also Andrew Bardsley, that they might obey the gospel or, if they would not repent, that the Lord would send faithful Saints to purchase their farms, that may be strengthened and its borders enlarged. O Lord, grant it for Christ ’s sake. Amen. [p. 52]
Page 52