Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 61
of which we stand in need  or are found worthy to  receive held meting on [illegible]  Monday moved Preachd to crowd <congregation>  at Eve preacht again to a  hous crowded full to overflo wing after meting I proposed  if any wished to obey if they  would make it manifest we  would stay to administer at  another meeting a young man  of the methodist order arose and  testified his faith in the ful ness of <the> gospel and desired to  Be we Appointed  another meting and the next [p. 61]
of which we stand in need or are found worthy to receive. Held meeting on Monday. Preached to crowded congregation. At evening preached again to a house crowded full to overflowing. After meeting I proposed if any wished to obey, if they would make it manifest, we would stay to administer at another meeting. A young man of the Methodist order arose and testified his faith in the fulness of the gospel and desired to be . We appointed another meeting and the next [p. 61]
Page 61