Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 68
this Aprel 1st Tusday  my Soul delighteth in  the Law of the Lord for  he forgiveth my sins  and <will> confound mine  Enimies the Lord shall  destroy him who has  lifted his heel against  me even that wicked  man  he <will> deliver him to the fow ls of heaven and his  bones shall be cast to  the blast of the wind < for> he lifted his <arm> against  the Almity therefore [p. 68]
April 1st, Tuesday. My soul delighteth in the law of the Lord, for he forgiveth my sins and will confound mine enemies. The Lord shall destroy him who has lifted his heel against me, even that wicked man . He will deliver him to the fowls of heaven, and his bones shall be cast to the blast of the wind, for he lifted his arm against the Almighty, therefore [p. 68]
Page 68