Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 70
in the councel room  and bowed down befor  the Lord and prayed  that he would furnish  the means to deliver  the from debt  and <be> set at liberty and  also that I may pre vail against that  wicked and  that he be put to  shame accordingly  on the 9 after an im partial trial the that the said   was bound  over under 200 dollers [p. 70]
in the council room and bowed down before the Lord and prayed that he would furnish the means to deliver the from debt and be set at liberty and also that I may prevail against that wicked and that he be put to shame. Accordingly, on the 9th, after an impartial trial, the that the said was bound over under 200 dollars' [p. 70]
Page 70