Davis, Amos


Ca. 20 Sept. 1813–22 Mar. 1872. Merchant, farmer, postmaster. Born in New Hampshire or Vermont. Son of Wells Davis and Mary. Moved to Commerce (later Nauvoo), Hancock Co., Illinois, ca. fall 1836. Married first Elvira Hibard, 1 Jan. 1837, in Hancock Co. Appointed postmaster of Commerce, 27 July 1839. Possibly involved in lawsuits concerning JS, 1842–1843, in Nauvoo. Sued church trustees for debt, 1847, in Nauvoo. Divorced wife, Apr. 1847. Married second Catharine Cormack, 26 July 1848, in Hancock Co. Married third Harriet S. Andrews, 27 Jan. 1850, in Hancock Co. Married fourth Mary Jane Isenberger, 12 Apr. 1866, in Hancock Co. Died in Appanoose Township, Hancock Co.