Snow, Eliza Roxcy 


21 Jan. 18041–5 Dec. 1887.2 Poet, teacher, seamstress, milliner.3 Born in Becket, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts.4 Daughter of Oliver Snow and Rosetta Leonora Pettibone.5 Moved to Mantua, Trumbull Co., Ohio, ca. 1806.6 Member of Baptist church.7 Baptized into LDS church, 5 Apr. 1835, in Mantua.8 Gave up patrimony for construction of Kirtland temple.9 Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, 1837.10 Moved to Adam-ondi-Ahman, Daviess Co., Missouri, 1838.11 Moved to Commerce (later Nauvoo), Hancock Co., Illinois, 1839.12 Served as first secretary of Female Relief Society, 1842–1846, in Nauvoo.13 Later identified herself as a plural wife of JS, married on 29 June 1842.14 Lived with JS and family, Aug. 1842–1844.15 Acted as scribe for JS’s journal, Sept. 1842.16 Married Brigham Young as a plural wife, 3 Oct. 1844, in Nauvoo.17 Moved to Winter Quarters, unorganized U.S. territory (later in Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska), 1846.18 Migrated to Salt Lake City, 1847.19 Oversaw reestablishment and operation of ward relief societies, 1868–1880, in Salt Lake City.20 Served mission to Palestine to witness rededication of land for return of Jews, 1872–1873.21 Served as general president of Relief Society, 1880–1887.22 Known as Eliza R. Snow Smith, 1880–1887.23 Died in Salt Lake City.24