Circa 1855 (courtesy Community of Christ Library-Archives, Independence, MO).

George J. Adams Circa 1855 (courtesy Community of Christ Library-Archives, Independence, MO).


Adams, George Washington Joshua


7 Nov. 1810–11 May 1880. Tailor, actor, clergyman. Born in Oxford, Sussex Co., New Jersey. Lived in Boston during 1820s and 1830s. Became Methodist lay preacher. Married Caroline. Moved to New York City, before 1840. Baptized into LDS church, Feb. 1840, in New York City. Ordained an elder by Parley P. Pratt, Mar. 1840, in New York City. Served mission to New York City, 1840. Served mission to England, 1841–1842. Ordained a high priest, 6 Apr. 1841, in Manchester, Lancashire, England. Continued missionary activities in Boston and elsewhere in Massachusetts, 1842. Visited JS, 7 Sept. 1842, at Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois. Returned to Boston, by Jan. 1843. Moved to Nauvoo, spring 1843. Appointed to serve mission to Russia, 1 June 1843; mission unfulfilled. Appointed to serve mission to raise funds for construction of Nauvoo temple, June 1843. Appointed to serve mission to Lee Co., Illinois, 3 July 1843, to disabuse public mind concerning JS’s arrest. Returned to Nauvoo, spring 1844. Admitted to Council of Fifty, 5 Apr. 1844. Appointed to notify Quorum of the Twelve of murder of JS, 30 June 1844. Rejected from Council of Fifty, 4 Feb. 1845. Disfellowshipped and excommunicated, Apr. 1845. Appointed counselor to James J. Strang in Strang’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 7 July 1849. Crowned James Strang king of Kingdom of God, 8 July 1850, at Beaver Island, Michilimackinac Co., Michigan. Excommunicated from Strangite movement, by 13 Oct. 1850. Became Campbellite preacher, late 1850s. Organized Church of the Messiah, Jan. 1861, in Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts. Moved to Indian River, Washington Co., Maine, 1864. Led colony of followers from Maine to Jaffa, Palestine, Aug. 1865; colony failed. Moved to England, June 1868. Moved to Philadelphia, 1870. Died in Philadelphia.