Printing office, Nauvoo, Illinois 



Located at four different sites from 1839–1846: cellar of warehouse on bank of Mississippi River, June–Aug. 1839;1 frame building on northeast corner of Water and Bain streets, Nov. 1839–Nov. 1841;2 newly built printing establishment on northwest corner of Water and Bain streets, Nov. 1841–May 1845;3 and part of three-building brick complex on northwest corner of Main and Kimball streets, May 1845–Mar. 1846.4 Shop sold by first proprietor, Ebenezer Robinson, to JS, 4 Feb. 1842.5 Leased by JS to John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff, Nov. 1842.6 Published third and fourth editions of Book of Mormon, three editions of Doctrine and Covenants, church hymnal, and newspapers Times and Seasons, The Wasp, and Nauvoo Neighbor.7 Printing shop sold, Jan. 1844, to John Taylor, who ran it until operations ceased, Mar. 1846.8 JS often conducted church business at printing office.9