Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 13
Written at wednesday  morning the 23 at the house of  a Mr Bemer left s on thursday 24 came  to held meeting  at 1 o clock to spoke to a  small congregation being  a very wet day after meeting  returned to  and held meeting at at candle  lighting to a large congregati on one man declared his full beleif  in the truth of the work is  with who is also  convinced to be on   sunday great excitement [p. 13]
Written at , Wednesday morning the 23rd, at the house of a Mr. Bemer. Left ’s on Thursday the 24th , came to . Held meeting at 1 o’clock. Spoke to a small congregation, being a very wet day . After meeting returned to and held meeting at candle lighting to a large congregation . One man, , declared his full belief in the truth of the work and is with , who is also convinced, to be on Sunday . Great excitement [p. 13]
Page 13