Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 14
prevailes in every place where  we have been the result we  leave in the hand of God.   written at the house of in on friday morning  the 24th [25th] this afternoon  at Mr Pattricks exp ect to hold a Meeting  this Evening &c— peop le very superstitious  Oh God esta[b]lish thy  word among this people  held a meeting this Even ning had an attentive con ngregation the spirit  gave utterance [p. 14]
prevails in every place where we have been . The result we leave in the hand of God. Written at the house of in on Friday morning the [25th]. This afternoon at Mr. Pattrick ’s. Expect to hold a meeting this evening, etc. People very superstitious . O God, establish thy word among this people . Held a meeting this evening. Had an attentive congregation . The Spirit gave utterance. [p. 14]
Page 14