Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 32
are two evils in him  that he must needs for sake or he cannot  altogeth[er] escape the  buffettings of the advers[ar]y  if he shall forsak  these evils he shall be  forgiven and shall be  made like unto the  bow which the Lord  hath set in the heavens  he shall be a sign  and an ensign unto  the nations behold  he is blessed of the Lord  for his constancy [p. 32]
two evils in him that he must needs forsake or he cannot altogether escape the buffetings of the adversary. If he shall forsake these evils, he shall be forgiven and shall be made like unto the bow which the Lord hath set in the heavens. He shall be a sign and an ensign unto the nations. Behold, he is blessed of the Lord for his constancy [p. 32]
Page 32