Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 33
and steadfastness in the  work of the Lord wherefore he  shall be blessed in his  generation and they shall  never be cut off and he  shall be helped out of  many troubles and if  he keep the commandmend <command ments> and harken  unto the <council of the> Lord his and  his rest shall be glorious  and again blessed of the  Lord is and  also and  my brothers and my  sisters for they shall [p. 33]
and steadfastness in the work of the Lord. Wherefore, he shall be blessed in his generation, and they shall never be cut off, and he shall be helped out of many troubles. And if he keeps the commandments and hearkens unto the counsel of the Lord his rest shall be glorious. And again, blessed of the Lord is and also and my brothers and my sisters, for they shall [p. 33]
Page 33