Journal, December 1842–June 1844; Book 1, 21 December 1842–10 March 1843

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there are 3 adminitater [administrators]  Angels. Spirits Devils—  one class in heaven Angels  the spir[i]ts of Ju[s]t men made  perfect.— innumerable  co[mpany] of angels & Spirits of Ju[s]t  Men made perf[e]ct.
An angel appears to you  how will you prove him.  ask him to shake hands  if he has flesh & bones— he is  an Angel. “spirit hath not  fl[e]sh & bones”
spirit of a Ju[s]t man made  perf[e]ct. person in its tabernacle  could hide its glory. [p. [173]]
there are 3 adminitater [administrators] Angels. Spirits Devils— one class in heaven Angels the spirits of Just men made perfect.— innumerable company of angels & Spirits of Just Men made perfect.
An angel appears to you how will you prove him. ask him to shake hands if he has flesh & bones— he is an Angel. “spirit hath not flesh & bones”
spirit of a Just man made perfect. person in its tabernacle could hide its glory. [p. [173]]
Page [173]