Journal, December 1842–June 1844; Book 1, 21 December 1842–10 March 1843

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fr[o]m. Justice. he was at office[r]s  drill— on 6— & <in the> Lodge <from> 6— to 9. <oclck>— 7t  day 300 miles off— <in uniform> reviewi[n]g <of> the   insted of runig [running] away  from —— in uniform—  Judg— — partook of  the hospitality of Gen Smith.  <insted of flee[i]ng f[r]om J> flee[i]ng from Justice. <he> Dini[n]g on  cou[r]ts.— high[e]st cou[r]ts in ou[r]  land.
have I a right to try  him, have a right to try
power of Habeus corpus.—  is pretty well settled— <there is> no proof  in <the> writ that he is a fugitiv f[r]om  Justice— [p. 67]
from. Justice. he was at officers drill— on 6— & in the Lodge from 6— to 9. oclck— 7t day 300 miles off— in uniform reviewing of the insted of runig [running] away from —— in uniform— Judg— — partook of the hospitality of Gen Smith. insted of fleeing from J fleeing from Justice. he Dining on courts.— highest courts in our land.
have I a right to try him,
power of Habeus corpus.— is pretty well settled— there is no proof in the writ that he is a fugitiv from Justice— [p. 67]
Page 67