Discourse, 28 July 1839, as Reported by James Mulholland

Sunday 28 meeting held as usual. … [p. 9]
Sunday 28 meeting held as usual. […] [p. 9]
JS, Discourse, Commerce,

Located near middle of western boundary of state, bordering Mississippi River. European Americans settled area, 1820s. From bank of river, several feet above high-water mark, ground described as nearly level for six or seven blocks before gradually sloping...

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IL, 28 July 1839; in JS, Journal, 16 Apr. 1839–15 Oct. 1839, pp. 9–10; handwriting of James Mulholland

1804–3 Nov. 1839. Born in Ireland. Baptized into LDS church. Married Sarah Scott, 8 Feb. 1838/1839, at Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri. Engaged in clerical work for JS, 1838, at Far West. Ordained a seventy, 28 Dec. 1838. After expulsion from Missouri, lived...

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; CHL.